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Mental Image is a digital production studio based in Sydney Australia. We develop graphics-rich content to inform, engage and entertain audiences for any purpose including marketing, entertainment or science communication. No matter where you are in the world, we can deliver smart graphic design, fluid animation and stunning motion graphics at affordable rates.  We also produce corporate videos, websites, apps, and live event graphics packages.

About Us

Mental Image was set up in 2010 by animation producer Hamish Gilbert to manage teams of artists and coders to deliver digital products for businesses.

A fter working as an artist and animator in TV, publishing and entertainment across 2 decades, I set up Mental Image in to broaden the scope of my production and keep up with evolving technology. My aim was to take the experience and creative processes I learned working in media, and apply it to more practical purposes. Since 2010, Mental Image has specialised in making engaging videos, graphics-based apps, and multimedia presentations to communicate information pertaining to science, education, finance, medicine and government.

As Creative Director of Mental Image Productions, I design and direct the majority of animated content that we produce, and source assistance from established artists, coders, and marketing consultants. Because we travel light, employing teams on an as-needs-basis, we are able to keep our overheads low, and our services affordable to an international market.

Mental Image has operated in Sydney, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have sourced talent from all over the world, but most of our digital artists are based in Australia and Malaysia. We have streamlined methods for connecting with clients and suppliers through the web, and are looking forward to working on more international projects. To get in contact, email me directly at hamish@mentalimage.org.

Hamish Gilbert
Mental Image Productions


The following guide indicates a minimum cost of our key products. Our prices are based on international rates of production

LOGO animationsfrom US$500
per 15 seconds

Explainer videosAnimated infographics from US$1500 per minute

show reelsfrom US$1000 per 60 seconds

3D product videosfrom US$1500
per 30 seconds

TV/web SERIES GRAPHICSPackage of titles, credits & supers from US$3000

responsive websitesWordpress or HTML
from US$1500 for a one-page website

Boardroom presentationsfrom US$500
per 10 slides

interactive videosDynamic, personalised videos from US$3000 per minute

Email info@mentalimage.org with your ideas for an app, website or video.

We offer competitive quotes on all our digital products and work closely with our clients to help formulate ideas and graphics to engage their target audience.

graphic design

Print | Web | Mobile | Broadcast

video & Audio editing

Adobe Premiere based video production

web design

Budget websites using HTML5 & Wordpress

voice direction

Sourcing, directing & editing into a soundtrack

broadcast design

Motion graphics and animations using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

script writing

Shortform scripts and storyboards

Character animation

Website and App functionality analysis

communications consulting

Website and App functionality analysis, UI/UX


Documentary style video capture | Drone shoots

high quality content

Mental Image is dedicated to the production of affordable, quality digital content for media, corporate and government sectors. We put together teams for projects as needed from our network of creatives  in Sydney, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

videos for any budget

We offer innovative solutions using a combination of online tools,  services and communication technologies to deliver content which is both high quality and affordable, for any purpose, based on your target market.

Same day quote

Email us your idea and we will send you a range of itemised costs within a few hours. Our quotes are designed to give you the best price required to communicate your message through animated graphics, based on your target market.

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recent work

To see more work view our portfolio at vimeo.com/mentalimage

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